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How to Shut Off the Water Main in an Emergency 2017

A PLUMBING emergency, such as a flooding incident that arises during the night as a result of burst pipes, or during a period of absence from the house, is a nightmare for every homeowner. That’s when you either know how to shut off water main, or you don’t. And of course it’s at times like those that you need to seek out professional emergency plumber Dublin services.

You want the most reliable results, and you want to keep the water damage to an absolute minimum. And yet water damage is the number one cause of damage to homes every year, accounting for almost a third of insurance claims.

At the end of the day, there is only so much the plumber can do when the emergency has already arisen. On the other hand, there is a ton of good work that the householder can to prevent the emergency from arising in the first place.

As you will know if you have ever had to seek an emergency plumber Dublin, you will know how costly it is to repair and how much disruption the repairs can cause. That’s why it pays to be vigilant about the plumbing in your home.

Being vigilant doesn’t require even the lifting of a spanner or screwdriver; it’s all observation, spotting a problem early, and nipping it in the bud by getting in contact with your plumber Dublin professional services to get it fixed.

But of course, emergencies, by their very nature, are not scheduled. And if something does happen, like a burst pipe during the night, or if you come home from holidays to discover a leak, and you’re unable to have a plumber come to your home or property straight away, you need to know, at a bare minimum, how to shut off water main as a matter of urgency.

Knowing how to shut off water main is not hugely scientific, but it is a process… thankfully it’s a fairly standard one. You’ll normally locate the interior water main stopcock where the cold water pipe enters the house, often in the kitchen. To turn it off is simple: never forget this: righty tighty, lefty loosey. Right to close the valve. Left to open it.

Something else you should do is check out whether the internal stopcock valve is working. Just turn on your kitchen tap, and turn the valve to the right and make sure that the flow from the tap stops.

This is obviously not a desirable position to be in, but if an emergency does arise, knowing where your internal mains valve is located, and being sure that it works, can make a huge difference. In fact it can be the difference between contained water loss and outright flooding & water damage disaster.

Most emergencies occur as a result of either missing or ignoring what appear to be minor plumbing problems that crop up in the home. The best way to prevent an emergency is to visually audit all the visible plumbing pipes, lines and valves in your home on a regular basis, and have them checked by a professional plumber without delay.

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